Litigation (Court Cases)

The team at Fortuna Legal can help you get what you deserve when you find yourself involved a dispute of some kind

Litigation is the process of a suing a party or defending against being sued by another party. Litigation is generally used as a last resort to protect a legal right or interest. Disputes are often solved by negotiation, either before a party is sued, or before a trial of the case is held. The most common form of litigation is for the breach of a contract or for debt recovery.

Whatever your matter involves, we can help you sue or defend you from being sued. We can represent you in all States and Territories, and in the Australian Federal Courts and Tribunals.

We regularly appear in the District Court, the Supreme Court, the Magistrates’ Court, the State Administrative Tribunal, the Family Court and the Fair Work Commission.

We can assist you with a full range of court matters, including:

  •  Construction Disputes
  •  Consumer Disputes
  •  Contract Disputes
  •  Corporate Disputes
  •  Custody Disputes
  •  Debt Recovery Disputes
  •  Employment Disputes*
  •  Family Law Disputes*
  •  Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Insolvency Disputes
  •  Property Disputes
  •  Partnership Disputes
  •  Tenancy Disputes
  •  Town Planning Disputes
  •  Wills and Estate Disputes
  •  Criminal Charge Defence
  •  Traffic Charge Defence
  •  WorkSafe Charge Defence