Apart from the fact that our fixed fee is lower than that charged by almost any settlement agent we could find after extensive research? You also receive the additional assurance of having an experienced property lawyer supervise your settlement! We take maximum advantage of new technology including the electronic settlement system PEXA and, unlike mots competitors, pass the savings on to you.

Most settlements are straightforward and proceed without issues. On occasions, however issues arise which could cost you thousands of dollars if not resolved. Some examples are given at the end of this FAQ.

Our extensive experience in property law gives you an advantage over using a Settlement Agent when identifying issues which may cause you trouble or expense and resolving them.

If a legal issue arises and you were using a Settlement Agent, they would need to refer your matter to a lawyer for specialist advice. Using Fortuna Legal to conduct your settlement in the first place can save you fees if a legal issue arises. We will give you basic legal advice on a wide range of issues that may arise under a settlement within our low, fixed fee.

If we are handling your settlement and a legal issue arises where a Settlement Agent would need to refer you to an outside lawyer, we will already be fully familiar with the matter. This means that you will save on the fees which a lawyer would charge for being briefed on the issues by the Settlement Agent.

We offer a great team of highly trained, experienced staff who are committed to delivering incredible customer service for a competitive fee.  We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are satisfied with all aspects of the settlement process.

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  • A contract contains a special condition requiring the property to be free of structural defects. There is a serious crack in a wall that has been plastered over (so you did not notice it when you inspected the property). Builders engaged by each party disagree about whether it is actually weakening the ability of the wall to hold up the roof.
  • The other party may fail to meet its obligations for financial or other reasons, or
  • A third-party involved, e.g. a bank providing a new mortgage or discharging the seller’ s mortgage, creates a legal problem.