No! In many cases Real Estate Agents have a financial interest in the Settlement Agent which they recommend. Or it could just be their friend. While we do not suggest that either of them would act improperly, the Settlement Agent may have a conflict of interest in such a case. The Real Estate Agent’s interest is to get the sale through as quickly as possible and earn their commission. Your interests are of course to get the purchase through too – but not at any cost.

In some cases there may be an issue with the settlement which may not prevent it going through but which could cause you problems later. In those cases, we have no financial incentive to “wave the settlement through”. We will fully inform you of the issue and what your legal rights are in resolving it, even if that means delaying settlement while it is sorted out.

IMPORTANT: This information is not legal advice. You reading it does not give rise to a solicitor/client relationship with us. It is general information only. It may be affected by the specific circumstances of your situation. You should not act on anything on this website without obtaining specific legal advice from us.